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Sell your used jewelry to Jewelry Depot, and we will offer you anywhere between $5 and $500,000 for your unwanted pieces.

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At Jewelry Depot, we buy and sell jewelry and are interested in gold, platinum, diamond, and silver pieces of all shapes and sizes, as well as many styles and brands of watches. We will also pay you for various types of precious metal coins and even scrap or broken jewelry items. Sell your used jewelry to Jewelry Depot, and we will offer you anywhere between $5 and $500,000 for your unwanted pieces. No sale is too small or too large for us to handle! While many pawn shops and jewelry stores try to buy your jewelry for next to nothing, Jewelry Depot is often able to pay you more.


You will appreciate the knowledge, helpfulness, and integrity of our highly trained staff. Many are GIA-trained Accredited Jewelry Professionals and Graduate Gemologists. They have the answers to your questions, and will help you make the right decisions for your personal taste, style, and budget.


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Our buyers are GIA trained Diamond Experts, advanced appraisers, and numismatic gurus who know and will share with you the TRUE value of your item. They will spend the time it takes to fully educate you on your piece. So, even if you choose not to sell jewelry to us, you will leave with the facts you need to make an informed sale decision.

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Unfortunately, we are unable to give price estimates by phone, fax, or e-mail per store policy. Because individual pieces of jewelry vary in quality and value, the items need to be examined in person in order to give an accurate valuation. To better assist you, we suggest an individual meeting with our General Manager and Buyer, Ted Bach.
He is available most days from 11 AM – 7 PM Monday thru Sunday and would be more than happy to sit with you and discuss your piece of jewelry and its value. If you decide to proceed with the transaction and sell your gold jewelry, we will provide you with immediate cash on the spot. If you are unable to come during Ted’s working hours there is nothing to worry about. Come by anytime Monday through Sunday 11 AM – 7 PM and one of our highly trained staff can assist you with your transaction.

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